OD Real Estate

OD Real Estate is a leading company in the development of high added-value real estate projects. Our prime objective is to satisfy all of our clients' different lifestyle needs.

We are part of the OD Group, a flagship holding company in the tourism sector, and specialise in the real estate market. With more than 25 years' experience, we have positioned ourselves as the leading company in business management and our hallmark values are sustainability, reliability and trust.

Our founders' career and vision in comprehensive property management —with more than 6,000 successful projects— have strengthened the foundation pillars of OD Real Estate as it is known today. The companies belonging to OD Hotels and OD Services boast experience and know-how in hotel services, enabling us to offer premium concierge services, setting us apart from our competitors.

We provide excellent and exclusive services so that our clients feel special and as comfortable as possible during their experience. OD Real Estate is based in Ibiza (Balearic Islands) and has offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Lleida, Madrid, Val d'Aran and Zaragoza (Spain).